Hijra Bank Named Best Sharia Industry Support Bank in 2023 by the Indonesian Government


23 Oct 2023

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Jakarta, October 23, 2023 – Hijra Bank has been honored as the Best Sharia Industry Support Bank by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia at the 3rd Indonesia Halal Industry Awards (IHYA) 2023, hosted by the Ministry of Industry at Hotel Fairmont Jakarta. The award was presented by Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, the Minister of Industry.

IHYA 2023, the highest recognition for players in the halal industry advancing national industrial progress, involved a rigorous assessment process by an independent panel of judges and experts. This recognition aims to propel halal industry players into the global market, addressing the worldwide demand for halal products. This commitment is crucial as Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Muslim population, which is expected to contribute significantly.

Launched in December 2022, Hijra Bank introduced Sharia-compliant Mobile Banking, witnessing a three to fourfold surge in transaction volume and a twofold increase in user numbers since its inception. In 2022, the bank recorded an outstanding profit increase of 200% compared to the previous year, with a 220% rise in third-party funds (DPK) and almost 200% asset growth. Financing disbursement increased by 200% compared to 2021. Recently, Hijra Bank introduced new products such as Hijra Home (Islamic Mortgage) and engaged in strategic partnerships for continuous innovation to meet the daily banking needs of our customers.

“This award from the Government is an honor for Hijra Bank and its entire ecosystem, reaffirming our belief that the Sharia industry must grow aggressively and sustainably. It also validates that the Sharia market segment can still be optimized, given the surging demand for halal products. We will continue to innovate and work hard to ensure Hijra Bank reaches even more users,” said Dima Djani, Founder of Hijra Bank.

In addition to Hijra Bank, ALAMI Peer-to-Peer Lending also received recognition at IHYA 2023 as the “Best Non-Bank Financial Institution Supporting the Halal Industry” for its contribution to providing Sharia financing opportunities for national SMEs. Both ALAMI Peer-to-Peer Lending and Hijra Bank are part of the Hijra ecosystem, positioning them as leading supporters of SMEs in advancing the halal business in the country.

Sharia economy and the halal industry are vital economic pillars driving new growth globally and domestically. Dinar Standard reports that global Muslim consumers are projected to spend USD 2.8 trillion on halal products by 2025. Additionally, Bank Indonesia (BI) forecasts a growth of 4.5–5.3% in the priority sectors of the Halal Value Chain (HVC) in 2023—agriculture, halal food, beverages, Islamic fashion, and Muslim-friendly tourism—expected to support over 25% of the national economy.

“We expect all IHYA 2023 winners to continue advancing rapidly, reshaping Indonesia’s position amid global halal industry competition. Indonesia has laid a crucial foundation by promoting halal products across various sectors, making a collective commitment to the future of the Sharia economy and halal industry,” said Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita.

Supported by multiple stakeholders, including Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Hijra Bank is dedicated to developing cutting-edge financial technology. The aim is to consistently cater to the needs of over 59 million SMEs and the banking requirements of hundreds of millions of Muslims in Indonesia.

Hijra Bank

Hijra Bank Hijra Bank emerged through the metamorphosis of BPRS Cempaka Al-Amin, a strategic acquisition by the ALAMI Group in March 2021. This transformation is officially documented in Letter No. SR-84/KR.011/2021 (May 20, 2021), announcing the adoption of the distinguished name “Hijra Bank.” As Jakarta’s sole Islamic state bank, Hijra Bank proudly holds the coveted Classification of Payment Service Provider (“PJK Category 1”) from the Central Bank. Additionally, it has received the green light for mobile banking from OJK, paving the way for expansive service innovations.

Why is Hijra Bank a game-changer? It stands as a testament to how digital technology can revolutionize and empower a state bank, particularly the only one in DKI Jakarta. Its resilience in the face of the digital era showcases the future of banking. Before its transformation into Hijra Bank, BPRS, previously known as BPRS Cempaka Al Amin, had been licensed since 2009. Post-acquisition, Hijra Bank has consistently demonstrated enhanced performance in terms of assets, third-party fund collection (DPK), and financing distribution. This success is attributed to a commitment to various innovations and advancements in business processes.

For more information, visit: https://hijra.id/

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